2017 Longest Trout Tournament

March 11, 2017 6:00 am - 3:00 pm 6186 N U.S. Hwy 41, Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Tournament Results

Tournament Species

Prizes will be awarded to the three longest trout regardless of slot sizes.


1st Place: Sportsman ll PowerPoleTM

2nd Place: $500 Certificate from LoadMaster Trailers

3rd Place: Pair of matching Reel Animals Edition Bull Bay Rods

Children 15 & under fish in Children’s Division for 3 prizes

Captain’s Meeting

Mandatory captain’s meeting will be held Friday, March 10th, 7:00PM at:

Salty Shamrock Gastro Grille
6186 N U.S. Hwy 41
Apollo Beach, FL 33572


Check-in will be held Saturday, March 11th at:

Salty Shamrock Gastro Grille
6186 N U.S. Hwy 41
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Check-in will start at 1:00PM and end at 3:00PM. Any angler not in line by 3:00PM will be disqualified.


Anglers may register online through this event, or in person at the captain’s meeting.

Tournament Rules

  1. Fishing will begin on day of tournament at 6:00AM and end at 3:00PM.
  2. All angling methods must comply with current Florida state laws.
  3. Fish must be caught by hook and line.
  4. All fish must be caught within tournament boundaries as noted on this map: click to view boundary map
  5. Any angler not in line to submit an entry by 3:00PM will be disqualified.
  6. All fish, legal and illegal or “out of slot” fish, must be measured at the time of catch, with a standard provided fish ruler, from pinched tail to the tip of the nose. These fish must be documented prior to release by the use of a digital camera with tournament token placed in the picture. Photo should be presented to the tournament judge by the designated time.
  7. All tournament participants (16 and over) must possess a valid Florida Fishing License.
  8. In the event of a tie, first fish to be turned into tournament judge will be designated winner.
  9. The honor system applies throughout the tournament.
  10. Tournament judge’s decisions are final.
  11. Anglers are responsible for boat and crew. Each angler is responsible for their decision to fish in the tournament. Organizers and sponsors are not liable.

Kids 15 and under may participate in the adult division, but must purchase an adult entry ticket.

Pictures will be taken of all winners and published on South Shore Anglers website and Facebook page.



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Sign up at the event
If you would like to sign up the day of the event, download the PDF to print and bring along: DownloadDownload

5 Comments on 2017 Longest Trout Tournament

Donald Waiberman said : Report 2 years ago

Looking forward to the festivities!!

Corey said : Report 2 years ago

@Mike Thomas, thanks for pointing out the issue. I have fixed the link so you can access the boundary map now.

Mike Thomas said : Report 2 years ago

Boundary map link requires a login? Can you post an unprotected boundary map?

Stephen Hoffman said : Report 2 years ago

Fishing starts at 6 am on the 11th. Put in where you wish as long as it's part of Tampa Bay, excluding McDill. You'll email a pic of the tokens of all anglers on your team with the SSA measuring stick stamped at 6 am or a bit after. Thanks for the inquiry. ?'s call Steve Hoffman 813 545 9988

michael klemkosky said : Report 2 years ago

I am interested in fishing this tournament. I have one question, are we all launching at a certain place or at a place of our choosing within the boundaries set? Thank you in advance. Michael Klemkosky

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