South Shore Anglers of Tampa Bay
We're angling for charity.

Our mission:

South Shore Anglers is a civic organization that likes to fish.

We support our local community through tournaments, local food drives, and other means.

Ruskin, FL

Where Do We Meet?

Club meetings are held at Little Harbor Resort’s Sunset Grill, in Ruskin, FL, on the 1st Thursday of the month starting at 7pm. The address and phone is:
611 Destiny Drive, Ruskin, FL
(813) 645-7739

Casual & Informal

What Is A Typical Meeting Like?

Past Sample Speakers Include:

  • Local fishing guides with the how to’s
  • Local fishing related business owners/tackle stores discussing the latest
  • Fishing trends and technology
  • State and Federal Biologists discussing hot fishing topics
  • Auxiliary Coast Guard with Safety Information